Iv always wanted to visit new York  #1 on the list

New York City I've been here numerous times.and despite all of the massive cities I've been in, NYC still takes my breath away

#7 Brasil

Rio de Janeiro – Located in Brazil. It is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the largest city of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is considered to be

#8 Tahiti,Bora Bora

Get a tailor made quote for your next vacation to Bora Bora and The Islands Of Tahiti. Our travel experts of French Polynesia will help your build your trip

#3 Belgium*•

Brugge (Bruges), Belguim- A wonderful city that is called the Venice of the North due to its great canal system! Amazing chocolate and waffles found here :) I loved this place!

#5 Greece :) everything painted white to reflect the sun due to the heat ! And the blue sea to make it stand out

Beautiful sunset on the Santorini island tour - Greece . one of your destinations in Greece is Beautiful sunset on the Santorini island.

#7 beautiful City in Brasil

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#6 Beautiful Istanbul Turkey*•

Istanbul, Turkey - the most Incredible country Ive traveled too! Half in Europe, Half in Asia.

#4  Ukraine*•

Kiev, Ukraine (or Kyiv) - the golden-domed city, mother of Russia, birthplace of the Orthodox Church.

Taking a better look at just how amazing Switzerland really is*• #2

Walked over this bridge many times. I lived in Lucerne, Switzerland for This bridge actually got set on fire whilst I was there. If I remember right it was restored x Beautiful Place