Have you tried this chocolate caramel nut dairyfree cheesecake? It's delicious!

When looking through the Wikipedia list of chocolate bars, you will find some very familiar confections under different guises from varied countries of origin. Imagine a chocolate bar called Oh Hen…

A Paleo Golden Gaytime! Dairy-free, sugar-free

A thicker chocolate for dipping will give you a yummy "crack"

Mushroom & Kasha Soup

Mushroom & Kasha Soup nix the butter and use veg broth

luscious & creamy grown up paleo paddle pop

Are you a fellow chocolate paddle pop lover? It has to be the chocolate one, the banana or the strawberry flavours just don't have the same appeal. You see, the chocolate paddle pop is soooo chocol.

My dairy-free low sugar Magnum Paleofied Interpretation!

Were you a Tom Selleck fan? Did you watch Magnum P.I in the I did with detached interest but I wasn't a huge fan. But do you want to chat about Tom Selleck or get to the REAL point of this p.

"Real" whipped cream!! But dairy free, possibly nut free and vegan!

Dairy free, can be nut free. Basic recipe and tips to make whipped 'cream' from any milk. Need to prepare (heat with oil/fat, then chill) few hours before using

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Gateaux Basque (French Custard Tart)

I’m always very excited to learn something new. I think I am pretty well versed when it relates to food! But the other night whilst watching an Australian Vietnamese chef on his French cookin…

Parsnip hash

Parsnip hash

Slow cooked Beef cheeks in hoisin

Slow cooked Beef cheeks in hoisin

Beetroot relish

Ask the average person about beetroot and they will imagine a tin of the sliced pickled stuff. I think it is the most compulsory feature that makes an Aussie hamburger, Australian, and people eithe…

Still working on my gluten free sticky bun recipe

Still working on my gluten free sticky bun recipe