Book Laptop Cover

Book Laptop Case Amazing :) like Penny from inspector gadget!

Morning Mug is absolutely cute and a great gift idea!!!

Morning Mug

Morning Mug // perfect for sleepy Monday mornings - and so cute! this is awesome!

Pluviophile: (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Celebrate the rain with coffee and a good book!

let me pull those up for you!

Comfy and fluffy bedding for dreamy sleep and lazy days. Unmade beds that make you wanna cuddle up.

I Don't Like Morning People, Mornings or People Coffee Mug Funny Quote Mug Hand Painted Saying Cup Black and White Mug Hate Morning Mug

Give me a good cup of coffee and a book I love, and I'll be happy. (Or tea. Tea works too.

Wanna Go. Outdoors, Brattle Book Shop, Boston, Massachusetts photo via gigi

The 10 Best Guns For Women

Feels good to know my gun is in this list. 10 Best Guns for Women. i need one of those lol i like target shooting

Make a new friend.

Things i really want to do in africa thailand india and many other places!

A very important moment

"reading a good book in the tub" ** This actually does remind me of my bathroom--one of my favorite past times-

✧ smile, you're loved ✧

❤Stay gold always ❤