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Colleen Toohey

Colleen Toohey
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Coconut Oil Uses And Benefits You Never Knew | The WHOot

I love all of the amazing benefits of coconut oil. While it's AWESOME for your body, be careful should you choose to use it on your face. Coconut oil is HIGHLY comedogenic and it WILL clog your pores. Also it should not be used as a SUNSCREEN.

There are so many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today we’re going to show you the simplest one which will detect negative energies and clear them from your home and maintain the harmony in your family. We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet – our feelings, thoughts and emotions emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies. Family members, neighbors or visitors in our homes…

Do you feel like your home has negative energies? The technique below can help you tell for certain!All you need to detect and clear negative energies in your home is a glass and a few

Amazing Cream of Tartar Uses You Didn't Know | The WHOot

Try Cream of Tartar to clean Silver or Jewellery, strip Wax from Floors, remove Laundry Stains or make your own Baking Powder. Be sure to view Amazing Uses for Baking Soda too!