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Connie Robertson

Connie Robertson
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We are all bound by our past....

We are all bound by our past.

On the kind of war everyone fights, every day. | "It takes one moment to hate who you are, and a lifetime to remember how to love yourself again. This is the most important war." — Erin Van Vuren

These life quotes by Erin Van Vuren will remind you that you're not alone, and that there are more adventures to come.

Constantly in valiant battle against this thought, but I am now beginning to think it's true. I'm no pessimist, but the trend seems to continue.

I do not think it possible to "live a happy life" once one loses a child or children. I think one can feel happy, however it is always veiled in the sorrow of burying your child. Glimpses of happiness are the best I get.~~Bethany's Mom, Suzanne V.