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a woman standing in a living room next to a fire place
Women of the AD100
colorful flowers and grasses in a garden setting
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an outdoor area with steps leading up to the trees and rocks in front of it
LA Quinta, California, Vacation Residence - The Cool Hunter Journal
some rocks and plants are in the middle of an outdoor area with steps leading up to them
eurodal betonnen vloerplaten_de lelie_elsloo
there are several steps made out of concrete
inspiration zone: Photo
a white cloth hanging from a metal frame
Furniture, Lighting & Homewares
a woman sitting at a desk in an art studio with her arms up and legs crossed
DVF’S OFFICE – Creative Home Office Design
a mailbox mounted to the side of a wooden fence
Our new letterbox - recycled railway sleepers.
an entrance to a modern home surrounded by greenery
Gallery of The B House / Eran Binderman + Rama Dotan - 26
Image 26 of 29 from gallery of The B House / Eran Binderman + Rama Dotan. Photograph by Oded Smadar
an outdoor area with plants and benches
Gallery – Rambling Inner-City Garden
Chinese star jasmine (*Trachelospermum jasminoides*) and Silver-veined creeper (*Parthenocissus henryana*) grow on the pergola. A slab of bluestone is cantilevered off the wall to function as a barbecue bench. Underneath is spicy-scented Cardamom (*Elettaria cardamomum*). On the ground, bluestone rounds have been combined with exposed aggregate.: [object Object]
a black and white cat sitting on top of a brick walkway
path paving ideas - Google Search
the book cover for droomplanten, featuring purple flowers and green grass
Piet Oudolf and natural gardening
Piet Oudolf a true master of planting & plant form.
a cactus garden in front of a house
Types Of Urban Gardening - Urban Gardening
an outdoor garden with lots of green plants and greenery hanging from the trees in it
Ian McMaugh - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
The Redfern courtyard garden of Ian McMaugh. A curtain of mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis spp.) creates a sense of definition between the two zones in the courtyard garden. Photo - Daniel Shipp. Production – Lucy Feagins/The Design Files and Georgina Reid/The Planthunter.
a blue chair sitting on top of a wooden floor
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