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Recent discussions have cast doubt on the birthdate of Australia's oldest, continuously-serving full-time military unit – A Field Battery.


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Armour in the Australian Army: Is There Something Wrong? Part 5
Armour in the Australian Army: Is There Something Wrong? Part 4
Armour in the Australian Army: Is There Something Wrong? Part 3

Bruce Cameron

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In the town where I once lived they built a bridge, named the Private Ziggy Trzecinski Bridge, after my mate killed in Vietnam.

Tall Tale or True

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Chapter 59: Australia!
Chapter 58: ‘The Sydney’
Chapter 56: Am I dreamin’?

Ian Cavanough – Fun Fear Frivolity

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The benefits of military training will never leave you
Age shall not weary you – as long as you soldier on
Kiwi exchange no laughing matter – unless you have good health cover

Andrew Douglas

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How to sell your mil skills in civvie street
Talking to civvies – change your jargon


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a large ship is in the water next to some yellow barricades
Is USS Fort McHenry in Cairns? - CONTACT magazine
a large group of people dressed in white are singing and holding up hats with the words 6 million reasons to be cheerful
CONTACT sets new viewership record - CONTACT magazine
an aerial view of a large group of trees in the shape of a heart with mountains in the background
Australian Army bases need to be strategically located - CONTACT magazine
Information Age, Career Pathways, Catchy Phrases, Experiential Learning, Learning Style, World Economic Forum, Emerging Technology, Private Sector, Business Leader
The strategic imperative for training: A blueprint for competitive advantage from battlefield to boardroom - CONTACT magazine
two men in pink uniforms are standing next to each other and one man is wearing a purple uniform
God, Please Don’t Strike Our Military Purple - CONTACT magazine
an australian flag flying in the blue sky
Our Flag is Not For Sale - CONTACT magazine
a man is holding a gold ring in his left hand while wearing a brown coat
Genesis The Royal Australian Regiment - CONTACT magazine
the men are boarding an airplane with their gear on and bags in hand as they walk down the stairs
Back in The Day - CONTACT magazine