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Good luck – no, no, good luck to you... - CONTACT magazine
Ranger School, Fort Benning, S Korea, Special Operations, Modern Warfare, Training Center, Marine Corps
Advice for a sleep walker - CONTACT magazine
a man is doing yoga in front of the sun with an advertise that reads, i rise to see the sun i rise to conquer the day
Will you rise with Aussie veterans? Join ZERO600 - CONTACT magazine
History, Lance Corporal, The Arrival, Good Afternoon, News Articles
Afghanistan vets denied ICB/ACB - CONTACT magazine
an aerial view of the sydney harbour bridge with helicopter flying over it and boats in the water below
COMPETITION – Nuclear-qualified submariners' badge design - CONTACT magazine
Boycott 2 Squadron SASR 'Flag Folding' Ceremony - CONTACT magazine
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SAS wife says ABC "Getting Away With It" too long - CONTACT magazine
a man in camouflage writing on a notepad
Support – the difference between life and death - CONTACT magazine
a man standing in front of two paintings on display at the museum of arrogant hubris
Let's start a collection of 'offensive' logos and stories - CONTACT magazine
an image of a man running in front of a jail cell with the coat of arms on it
Plans to redesign 'offensive' unit/corps badges – Letter to the Editor - CONTACT magazine
soldiers holding candles in their hands at night
Regarding a National Day for Veterans of MEAO - CONTACT magazine
two large boats in the water next to each other
Landing armour on a beach - CONTACT magazine