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an old tank sitting on top of a dirt field
Contract for self-propelled artillery signed - CONTACT magazine
Prime Minister, Partnership Agreement, Technology Transfer, South China Sea, South China, Solomon Islands, News Articles, Supply Chain, Southeast Asia
Australia and Japan sign historic strategic partnership agreement - CONTACT magazine
a fighter jet flying through the sky at sunset
World F-35 fleet continues to grow - CONTACT magazine
Gentleman, Saint Barbara, Royal Australian Navy, Warrant Officer, Defence Force, Military Jacket, The Day
Artillery’s venerated gentleman - CONTACT magazine
Living In Australia, Special Air Service, Chief Petty Officer, Landing Craft, Moving To Australia, Battle Of Britain, Army Veteran, Army Soldier
World War II veteran joins Chelsea Pensioners - CONTACT magazine
a man in uniform holding a cake with the number twenty five on it while standing next to a helicopter
Pilot clocks up milestone on deployment - CONTACT magazine
a man wearing a hat and uniform standing in a field with trees in the background
Lt Jingle a community trailblazer - CONTACT magazine
a man in pilot's uniform standing next to an army helicopter with his arms crossed
Back to where a love of flying began - CONTACT magazine
Christopher Smith, Lance Corporal, Navy Hats, Anzac Day, Military Personnel, Paramedic
Hats off to historic family find - CONTACT magazine
a soldier kneeling down with his dog in the grass
Work of best mates rewarded - CONTACT magazine
three men in suits and ties holding framed pictures
Oldest squadron member turns 100 - CONTACT magazine
Armoured Personnel Carrier, Command And Control, Major General, Great Expectations, Chief Of Staff, Dream Job
Command change at 1 Div - CONTACT magazine
a man sitting on the deck of a sailboat smiling at the camera while wearing a hat
RAAF duo eye faster Sydney-to-Hobart time - CONTACT magazine