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More than 2000 AK-47s seized in Middle East - CONTACT magazine
many hats are lined up on the side of a wall with flowers and other items
50 years since Australia proclaimed end to Vietnam War - CONTACT magazine
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Christmas – business as usual for those on duty - CONTACT magazine
a man in uniform standing at a podium
Leaders discuss future of nuclear-powered subs - CONTACT magazine
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Helping to keep watch over those in need - CONTACT magazine
two men are sitting in an old fashioned car with flags on the building behind them
Back to base for centenarian - CONTACT magazine
three sailors in white uniforms are smiling for the camera
Commander praises fine ambassadors - CONTACT magazine
a group of men in white uniforms standing on top of a grass covered field next to each other
Officers course with an international flavour - CONTACT magazine
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Choules celebrates 11th anniversary - CONTACT magazine
two large boats are docked in the water
ADV Reliant's visit to Samoa - CONTACT magazine
four men and two women standing in front of a wall with an award plaque on it
Hospital wins national reserves support award - CONTACT magazine
a group of men standing in front of an airplane
Final graduates for the year ready to soar - CONTACT magazine
Natural Disasters, Water Per Day, Humanitarian Aid, Small Island, Our Country, Armed Forces
ADV Reliant supports Pacific partners - CONTACT magazine