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a group of men and women dressed in white marching through the street with their hands raised
Duntroon cutting officer training time by a third - CONTACT magazine
an aerial view of a submarine in the middle of the ocean with blue water around it
Work begins on Australia's nuclear-submarine construction yard - CONTACT magazine
a group of men standing on top of an airport tarmac next to each other
Pilots flying high after graduating - CONTACT magazine
Wing Commander, United States Air Force, Eastern Europe, Work On, Ukraine, Magazine
RAAF Wedgetail at work on Ukraine-support mission - CONTACT magazine
two men standing next to a helicopter on an aircraft carrier
Navy evacuates weather bureau staff in heavy seas - CONTACT magazine
Boarding Up Windows, Multi Storey Building, Us Soldiers, Army Soldier, Homeland Security, Luxury Resort, Night Time
Platoon executes night-time urban clearance - CONTACT magazine
a camouflaged tank is parked on the side of a dirt road in front of some trees
Contracts signed for Army's Redback IFVs - CONTACT magazine
an airplane is flying high above the clouds
Free-falling into PNG - CONTACT magazine
Planning Cycle, 50 Caliber, Armoured Personnel Carrier, Big Battle, Joining The Army, Part Time Jobs, A Classroom
Training to target drones - CONTACT magazine
Indian Armed Forces, Fire Training, Fire Powers, Indian Army, Increase Engagement
Exercise strengthens Australia-India bond - CONTACT magazine
Leadership, Night To Shine, Awards Night, Success Rate, Confidence Building, To Shine
Air Mobility Group shines at awards night - CONTACT magazine
a group of people standing in front of a building
Enhancing air power in PNG - CONTACT magazine