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Ford Falcon XB Coupe, V8 351 - Mad Max I & II by George Miller (1979 / 1982)

Mad Max XB GT Ford Falcon vs Ford’s Interceptor concept Photos)

1973 Ford XA Falcon GT Hardtop. Drivers: Moffat / Geoghegan. v@e.

Ford Falcon GT - Thunder from Down Under. Not how I remember the ford falcon.

Nice Charger picture. It was Australia's fastest accelerating production car for nearly quarter century.

Arguably one of the rarest and fastest Aussie Muscle Cars built, the 1972 VH Charger R/T Bathurst Coupe.

1970 Holden HG Kingswood Utility, Made in Australia by General Motors Holden. v@e

1970 Holden HG Special Utility, Made in Australia by General Motors Holden.

1977 - one of the great Bathurst 1000 races. Alan Moffat (partnered with Jacky Ickx of all people) leads Colin Bond across the line for a Ford 1-2. During the race team boss Moffat offered Bond a drive alongside him for 1978. This came in handy when the leader's car hit trouble and Bond did the courteous thing and refused to pass for the win. He later said he regretted being such a good employee!

1977 Moffat / Bond Ford XC Falcons a Win for Colin Bond and Allan Moffat made Ford Australia very Happy.

HR Holden Ute 1

You'd never guess it, but Anthony Barbara's HR Holden Ute is packing a twin-turbo Mazda six

1976 Holden HX Monaro GTS

Holden's HX (pictured), was an evolution of the record-selling HQ, with more than units shifted throughout the car's lifetime.