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Dukkah is a great Christmas gift - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Choas

Dukkah - Cooking in the Chaos

Dukkah is an Egyptian mix of nuts, seeds and spices that is roasted and ground. The blend of ingredients can be varied to suit you own tastes, this recipe is a combination that I like to make. But you can vary to suit you own tastes. You could add hazelnuts instead of the nut mix …

Home made fruit mince - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Choas

Fruit Mince - Cooking in the Chaos

Home made fruit mince will make your fruit mince pies taste amazing. I make a batch of this every year and keep it in the fridge, then when I feel like pies I just make some pastry and the filling is ready to go. It freezes really well too, either before baking it or after …

Fruit Mince Pies - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Fruit Mince Pies - Cooking in the Chaos

I have been so excited about sharing this recipe, because fruit mince pies are one of my favourite Christmas foods. Everything about them just says ‘Christmas’. I previously shared the recipe for my fruit mince here. I make this in advance and keep it in the fridge until I need it. In past years I have used …

White Chocolate Rocky Road. Great for Christmas treats or gifts - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Choas

White Chocolate Rocky Road - Cooking in the Chaos

A little bit of a different take on traditional rocky road. Great for Christmas treats or gifts. For an extra special twist you could also substitute some (or all) of the marshmallows with nougat chunks. White Chocolate Rocky Road Print Prep Time 10 mins Total Time 10 mins Author: Karen Recipe type: Sweet …

Salted Caramel Sauce - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Salted Caramel Sauce - Cooking in the Chaos

This is another super simple but ultra delicious and easy recipe that makes a great gift. Use a nice jar and some ribbon or twine, and hey presto, a lovely gift that tastes amazing too. I use this sauce as a topping for ice-cream, to pour over puddings or cakes, in tarts, to flavour milkshakes, …

Florentines - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Florentines - Cooking in the Chaos

Florentines are very rich and decadent in both appearance and taste. But they are such a lovely treat to enjoy with good coffee, good company or both! I made a batch of these recently and packaged them individually in little cello bags, then gave one each as a small Christmas gift to a group of …

Lemon Curd - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Lemon Curd - Cooking in the Chaos

You can use any citrus to flavour this buttery treat, lemon is of course perfect, but I have also used lime juice or a mix of lemon and lime. You could try orange also, which I am sure would be lovely, but I prefer the sharp tang that lemons (and limes) offer. I have been …

Chocolate Balls - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

3-Ingredient Choc Balls - Cooking in the Chaos

My daughter made these at school once and bought the recipe home to share. Super easy for the kids to help make or do on their own. You can add rum or orange liqueur to the mix if you to create more traditional rum balls – or just leave them plain for a kid friendly …

Christmas Cake - Cooking in the Chaos

Christmas Cake - Cooking in the Chaos

We have lots of traditions that we share each year in the Christmas season, this cake is one of them. I have made this same recipe every year for 15 years. When I make this every member of the family contributes a ‘good luck stir and Christmas wish’ to the batter before I pour it …

Chocolate Fudge - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Chocolate Fudge - Cooking in the Chaos

In pre-Thermo days I made cheats fudge many times (using a melt in the microwave technique) But let me tell you – cooking it this way is so much better! It creates such a perfect texture and taste – very decadent and delicious. It is very rich and very sugary, so small portions are strongly …

Cookies in a Jar - Including FREE printables - Cooking in the Chaos

Cookies in a Jar - Cooking in the Chaos

I can’t claim this idea as my own, but it is a good one! I have seen several variations on this theme on the internet. You can use whatever recipe you like, the overall quantities just need to be about 4 cups. I have seen some nice examples that use colourful lollies such as M&M’s …

Shortbread Biscuits - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Shortbread Biscuits - Cooking in the Chaos

I made these biscuits with the same recipe as I used for fruit mince pie cases. It is a simple shortbread mixture, roll out and cut whatever shapes you like, then bake until golden. These will keep well for up to two weeks in an airtight container, but they also freeze well. To serve you …

Onion & Red Wine Jam - Thermomix Recipe - Cooking in the Chaos

Onion & Red Wine Jam - Cooking in the Chaos

Onion jam can be used in many ways. We had some with home made burgers this week; we spread it on like relish and it added a lovely flavour. I also served a small bowl of the jam with a plate of chicken and corn sausage rolls at a shared supper – yum! It is …