im a twat coffee mug

Yeah, sure i'll make you a coffee (you twat) Sick of being the office tea/coffee bitch and having to make brews for your twat of a.

pool beer pong table

Pool beer pong table for the perfect pool party [wpfp-link] If you are having a pool party and like alcohol then this floating, swimming.

Rainbow Macbook Keyboard Stickers

Crocodil Graphics - Rainbow Keyboard Stickers for MacBook Pro 17 and MacBook Air Decal Humor Art Protector

wasted all day hipflask

"you have to start drinking pretty damn early, if you want to stay wasted all day long." Fill er up and away.

wine brewing kit

almost FREE WINE, with this wine brewing kit Making wine at home is easier to do than homemade beer or homemade gin.

designer glass wine decanter

Riedel Paloma Wine Decanter, Wine Accessories & Decanters: Long and delicate, this mouth-blown crystal decanter is designed to mimic the graceful shape of

Bluetooth Gloves

ThinkGeek :: Bluetooth Handset Gloves :: Call me! * Warm and comfortable capacitive-touch gloves with a Bluetooth headset built in! * Talk on the phone by extending your thumb and pinky-finger. * Talk to the hand!

hand massager

The Hand Reflexology Massager - Hammacher Schlemmer - It compresses trigger points on the palm and back of hand using a mechanical air pressure system that kneads the hand. It can also provide infrared heat during sessions to promote better circulation.

customised memory dolls

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers and bobble heads Made From Your Photo - Custom Quality and Resemblance. Your Own Custom Cake Toppers With Free Proofs!

corkcicle wine chiller

Cool wine chiller - The Corkcicle [wpfp-link] The Corkcicle wine chiller keeps your chilled whites and lighter chilled reds at perfect drinking.

xmas jumper

Xmas is all about family, eating, drinking and those really shit jumpers your nan knits you. Beat her at her own game and get this crappy pooping.

polaroid camera

What did Polaroid find when they looked into our digital-analog-loving soul? The Polaroid It shoots digital photos at and instantly prints them straight from the camera. The instant prints come with sticky backs, so you can stick your photos