Lemon and passionfruit slice, lemon recipe, brought to you by Woman's Day

Lemon and passionfruit slice

Strawberry Jelly Slice, both regular and thermomix instructions included

Eventually I decided to stick with a theme of red, orange and yellow food - and what better way to embody this theme then with Jelly Slice?

Blueberry cloud jelly cheesecake slice

Blueberry cloud jelly cheesecake slice made with yoghurt, cream cheese and delicious blueberries! Kidfriendly and super yummy!

Cheesecake recipes are among the most popular cakes ever on taste, but these are the ones that have made our jaws truly drop.

15 times cheesecake left us lost for words

Get into the festive spirit with this luscious double cherry cheesecake jelly slice.

Peanut Butter Jelly Slices. Get this and 50+ more Vegan Desserts recipes at https://feedfeed.info/vegan-desserts

PEANUT BUTTER JELLY SLICE // one of my most loved and cherished recipes, well loved and eaten quickly by those around me 😂 You& need a food processor or high powered blender for this lil guy.