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Ilustration made for a brazilian Iron Maiden's tribute band, "Donzela de Ferro". Powerslave Black and White

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#desenhos #tatuagens

Awesome skull and wolf sketch by who is always creating fantastic tattoos and artwork. >>> I like the wolf head style on this one, but I'd want it to be just the wolf, and not angry.

Inez Janiak Raven tattoo

These tattoo designs for men are mind blowing, exquisite pieces of art! That is a promise.

Wolf tattoo concept                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

I'm half British half Japanese living in Shanghai, and I like designing tattoos.

Dr Woo, Shamrock tattoo. His fine lines are out of this world

Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles. bird tattoo with geometric dreamcatcher underlay design