Who we are?

This board is about my obsession: Who we are, why we do exist and what is the meaning of our existence, if there is any. I am aware that what is shown here is what I am allowed to know (I can find) at this point of time and that, what exactly it was in the very past I may never know.
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Reconstruction of the Giant Skeleton rediscovered in Loja in Ecuador 19 October 2012. Such skeletons (this size) are discovered in many places on earth. In the bible are mentioned giants. It is obvious that they were living here long time ago. As age,  skeletons are quite "recent", around 5,000 to 7,000 years ago. To me they does not  appear to be another "human species". may be anomalies / mutants. Around 5,000 years ago it appears to be a turbulent period.

Reconstruction the Giant Skeleton rediscovered in Loja in Ecuador 19 October residents remember hearing long ago in the beautiful valleys in this province were reportedly discovered skeletons very similar to those of humans, but of an incredible size.

Most of scientists agree that humans  evolved in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching "modernity" about 50,000 years ago. They say as well that since then, humans evolve and now we are the last result of this evolution. They agree as well that written was invented about 7 to 5,000 years ago. I miss something for sure because for me is hard to believe that ~200,000 years humans did not use written to communicate at all. This is a very primitive way to think about humans and earth.

Map of early human migrations based on the Out of Africa [Red] Homo sapiens [Yellow] Neanderthals [Green] Early Hominids

His name is John of Anina. His bones were discovered in 2002 at Anina (Romania) into the Bones Cave. Erik Trinkaus ( University of Saint Louis, USA) and Joao Zilhao (University of Bristol, UK) estimate date the mandible as being 40,000 years old and is the oldest remnant of modern humans in Europe. I cannot find this discovery to be mentioned by reputable scientists.

Oldest skeleton in South America