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Corinne Hurndell

Corinne Hurndell
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The Best DIY doTERRA Essential Oil General Cleaning Recipes -

- Here are some of the best DIY doTERRA essential oil general cleaning recipes. There are instructions here to make some natural green cleaning supplies.

BEST SLEEP BLEND EVER!!! knocks us all out and keeps us asleep the entire night!!!

doTERRA diffuser blend for sleep. Serenity, Lavender, and Balance. I added a few drops of each to a cotton ball each night and stuck in my daughters pillow case. Brilliant, she is out in less than 30 minutes!

doTERRA | Uplifting Diffuser Blend|

I love this blend! A diffuser blend that's just like a Sunday should be-- uplifting, bright, and fresh! Leave a comment below letting us know what your favorite uplifting diffuser blends are.

doTERRA's Repellent Blend, TerraShield Find me on FB:

As far as all-natural formulations, TerraShield works well but is costly. Another downer: To ensure you're actually getting the real deal, you need to order it from a doTERRA sales rep (it's a direct-sales company).