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Features of our software! Online practice management software for architects, engineers, designers, planners & construction consultants.
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a screenshot of the help center page
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Full Help Documentation
Each part of the system has help info
a screenshot of an email form with the help center button highlighted
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Help Centre
Easy to find help and support
the system administration screen is shown in this screenshot
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Manage Your System
Manage your system on your own
the invoicers page is shown with two options to select which item you want
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Invoice Sub-Consultants Work
Attached supplier or sub consultants invoices and reimbursements
an image of a web page with two different types of items on it and the same type
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Time, Percent & Lump-sum Invoices
Client invoices by time percent or lump sum
the screen shot shows how to set up an email account for someone who is on their website
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Download/Upload Schedule
Manage your schedule in csv format
an image of a dashboard with statistics
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Weekly Payroll Reports
Complete payruns from the employee reports
a screenshot of the schedule dashboard showing that it is currently available for all users
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Schedule Project Work
Allocate employee hours to projects
screenshot of the report page on an internet browser
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Project Time Reports
Manage project time and duration
an image of a dashboard with pie chart
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Schedule Employee Hours
Allocate your employees to projects
two screens showing different types of data on the same page, one with an upward and downward graph
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Project Cost Reports
View your project costs reports instantly
a screenshot of the project page with two options to select which item is right for you
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Project Revenue Forecasts
Forecast the revenue for each project
a calendar is displayed on the desktop screen
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Project Calendars
Manage your projects with the calendar
an image of a web page with the project name and description section highlighted on it
Cost Gem - Screenshot: Multiple Project Variations
Track time and cost by project variation