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a stuffed animal sitting in the grass next to some flowers and potted planters
KIT: Too flashy for foxy softie
Shop this KIT: Too Flashy for Foxy Softie
an image of dolls with text overlay that reads, a free pattern while she mags
Free Pattern: The Josephine Doll -
A free pattern for The Josephine Doll
a blue dog figurine sitting on top of three books
Dachshund Autograph Dog Softie
Make special moments last with the Dachshund Autograph Dog Softie pattern by Allison Dey Malacaria. Combining cute dachshunds and the classic autograph dog, this pooch is waiting to be signed by friends, celebrities or loved ones to mark a special occasion. Allison has added cute patchwork ears and an English paper pieced hexagon flower to make her softie unique and super-cute.
a small deer figurine sitting on the ground next to some flowers and rocks
a colorful stuffed animal sitting on top of a wicker chair next to a potted plant
Too Flashy For Foxy - Homespun
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