Biggest Loser Chocolate Peanut Butter Grahamwiches..these are awesome!

Frozen chocolate graham crackers with cool whip and peanut butter - Satisfies the sweet tooth without the calories. Frozen chocolate graham crackers with cool whip and peanut butter

Earth Day Cupcakes | Recipe By Photo

Earth Cupcakes (Earth Day is April I wonder if I could do this with natural food colors?

4th of July Firecracker Cakelettes ♥~ tutorial and recipe

Fourth of July Cakelettes

Look what im making on the Woohoo!Red, white & blue cake circles with center cut out, pop rocks inside & licorice for the fuse. Put pop rocks in no more than 1 hr. before serving or they won't pop due to the moisture from the cake.

Best hummus recipe - Barefoot Contessa I make this about every other week, love it!


Barefoot Contessa Hummus--I have yet to find a hummus recipe that turned out good. I'm wondering if the cheapo Kroger tahini I bought was the problem.anyone else have a good/bad experience making hummus?

Mini Baked Cheesecakes Recipe

Exclusively Food: Mini Baked Cheesecakes Recipe Be careful not to overcook as they become dry Ensure that there is enough butter to stick the base together else it is quite crumbly. Otherwise brilliant!

chocolate dipped ice cream cupcake!

The best Dairy Queen style cupcakes in the world! Better than any other high hat cupcakes and better than any other Dairy Queen Cupcake!

caramel apple slices

Inside Out Caramel Apple Slices. Avoid the mess and struggle of the classic caramel apple with these inside out caramel apple slices