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Australia  ·  My name is Courtney, my priorities in life are my friends and family, then my sports, Netball, Harness Racing and Calisthenics. Also enjoy a bitta photography.
Courtney Sealey
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Use Honey and Nutmeg to Help Fade Acne Scars

Use Honey and Nutmeg to Help Fade Acne Scars: Mix together about half a teaspoon of nutmeg and a quarter teaspoon of honey (raw and unprocessed, if possible). Apply the paste onto areas needing treatment after washing your face. Allow to sit for minutes,

Soccer Problems

Had this happen once. Her: OWWW WHAT WAS THAT( dramatic fall) me: ( steals ball) DON'T FAKE IT! Ref: muffled laugh ---haha happens all the time. You just take the ball and laugh a little and it makes them more mad😇---