How to handle an allegation of employee misconduct

Here are some key action points in handling employee misconduct:

11  things you need to include on your employees’ pay slips

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Can you refuse an employee’s request to work part-time?

What do you do when a dozen kids show up 30 minutes early for kids’ church and you have just one volunteer? Shut the door and post a sign that reads, “Come back in 30 minutes?

How to determine whether a worker is a sole trader

It is an offence to represent that you have an independent contractor arrangement with a worker when you are actually in an employment relationship.

Do you need to pay someone if he or she undertakes work experience with you?

As we know, it is against the law to engage someone as an employee without pay. But what about people undertaking work experience or internships?

3 new protected attributes under the Fair Work Act and Sex Discrimination Act

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Help prevent an unfair dismissal: Implement an internet usage policy

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