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Essential guide for getting your entire body in check in 30 Days | 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

Slim down for summer with the Full Body Fitness Challenge. Work you upper body, lower body and everything in between for 30 days by alternating pushups, squats and crunches.

Amazing. Read the whole thing.

All except 3 & Better than "Learn from the mistakes of others." Better than "There is no 'We'. you (individually) have NOTHING to do with their success or failure" Solid advice - I love this. (Hate the typos, though.

floating golf green. $429. m&d?

Practice lofting the perfect pitch over a water hazard with this novel Floating Golf Green. Give the Gift of Golf with Sunnybrae Golf Gift Cards.

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Yes, I play golf. It's the one thing that has never let me down. Because I'm in control. If I play awful, I have no one to blame but myself and I work harder. If I play well, I have to one else to be proud of but myself.