Anzac Biscuits, these were sent to the men at war, it stands for australia new zealand army core

Anzac Biscuits, these were sent to the men at war. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corp.

Celebrate Anzac Day with meaningful and educational activities using our free Anzac Day Printables. Great craft activity for kids to learn about Anzac Day.

Free Anzac Day Printables

Anzac Day Wordfind   (downloadable PDF on the blog)

Erin Walker - ANZAC Day find-a-word. Can be used to highlight and reinforce key words from the topic, in a fun way.

Our Worldwide Classroom: The Big List Of ANZAC Day Ideas

ANZAC DAY – Honouring our Heritage commemorates the centenary of WWI and the Anzacs in Gallipoli, the texts covers nine different Anzac Day topics.

Lest we forget.

Remembrance day, when I was a kid, the veterans used to sell poppies, I never realized the significance of it till now.