Craig-Rach Elphick

Craig-Rach Elphick

Craig-Rach Elphick
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DIY Mosaic Tile using CDs

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.

DIY Weave a Mandala Brooch with Toothpicks | Like Us on Facebook ==>

Toothpicks Woven Mandala Brooch M Wonderful DIY 8 Sides Mandala Brooch With…

caçador de sonhos em forma de minni

Minnie Mouse inspired dream catcher, would add white feathers at the end.

Ловец снов по мотивам Алисы в Стране Чудес / Арт-объекты / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Dreamcatcher based on Alice in Wonderland / Art objects / hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with their hands - on Second Street