Updated Farmhouse Appeal

23 Before and After: Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover Ideas That Will Amaze You

Do not like the "complaining sign, but the rest in this laundry room is great! Do laundry in style in this Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room. Come see the transformation from builder grade to gorgeous on a low budget!

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Laundry Design Idea - one bench with front loader and dryer under it, with sink inset. hinge bench top top to cover top loader

Laundry room space saving idea - cat litter box in between the washer and dryer. great use of a small space!

Tiny Laundry Room Ideas - Space Saving DIY Creative Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

If you have a small home AND cats, then you probably keep the cat food and litter box in your laundry room. That can take up a lot of valuable space, SO stack up that food and litter box on a shelf. Found on Southern Sprout.

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Hampers and baskets will make your laundry room improve in storage of soiled clothes or organizing them by color.