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I really love how this simple layout manages to generate an interesting interplay between images and type, making the narrative of the story more compelling and solid.

D E L U G E by Thømas Adnet

I like the enlargement of the logo on the back as more of an artistic design element, but still incorporates logo/company name so it& practical.

Monobrand UI Kit on

Monobrand UI Kit

Mono brand Ui Kit is a simple and stylish pack of useful elements to help you make your first web page for your daring project. By Alexey Rybin / Great Simple on Dribbble.

Sous mon parasol - atelier bingo.

Bingo Atelier print Atelier Bingo is Max & Adèle. Each print has many layers and can be seen as a dialogue between the artists. Constantly experimenting with shapes, textures, and colors they create screenprints as well as digital prints

Gallery of Architecture Poster – New Now

Gallery of Architecture Poster – New Now I did not realize this was 2 words I thought it just said new. i find it interesting how the lines connect but the foreground and background as still separate.

Interesting type/image relationship. Layers

The inventive type treatment is the most emphasized feature of this poster, The School of Visual Arts poster poster design layout typography

visualgraphc: “ VASARELY 110 Posters designed for the exhibition Hommage à Vasarely in Pécs, Hungary (hometown of Victor Vaserly), dedicated to the birth anniversary of the.