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Atomic orbitals

This is the home page of The Orbitron - a gallery of ray-traced atomic orbital and molecular orbital images constructed with POV-Ray.

The proteins that make up living organisms are huge molecules, but they’re composed of tinier building blocks, known as amino acids. There are over 500 amino acids found in nature, yet, of these, the human genetic code only directly codes for 20. Every protein in your body is made up of some linked combination of these amino acids – this graphic shows the structure of each, as well as giving a little information on the notation used to represent them.

Guide to 20 Common Amino Acids. It says "common", because there are other amino acids that do not make up proteins in animal tissue. These are regarded as uncommon due to their lack of human utility.

Chemical-structure-of-DNA.png 2,480×1,754 pixels

Today's post crosses over into the realm of biochemistry, with a look at the chemical structure of DNA, and its role in creating proteins in our cells. Of course, it's not just in humans that DNA is found - it's present in the cells