Apps A-Z

A wide variety of apps for mobile devices listed and explained during A-Z challenge April 2016.
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Love a Library - L is for LibraryThing and other library apps that facilitate loans

Books and reading, technology for learning and libraries

Explain and remember: E is for Evernote and Explain Everything

Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch gets you effortlessly organized with notes that sync between all your devices. Be productive anywhere:

Z for Zinio: Zero in on the good things

Zinio apps for library borrowing and for paid magazine subscriptions.

Y for YouTube Yes for your interests

Books and reading, technology for learning and libraries

Extra, extras: XE currency

XE currency converter for mobile devices.

Vocal variations: V is for Voice in a variety of apps

Using voice recognition and voice recording on mobile devices.

Update apps and upgrade software and hardware to get most efficient use of apps

Advice on updating apps and upgrading mobile hardware.

Snap and substitute: S is for Snapseed, Superimpose and SanDisk

Superimpose Cracked APK Just with a few taps here only create professional grade superimposed or juxtaposed photos on your iPhone

Read and remember: R is for Readability, Readly and Remember Them

Readability, Readly and Remembering Them apps.

Q is for QR codes and Queensland apps

Books and reading, technology for learning and libraries

Poses and pins in a pocket: P is for Photfunia, Pixlr, Pocket and Pinterest

PhotoFunia is a photo-editing tool that allows you to apply tons of different effects to your photographs: some simple and discreet. and others much more dramatic and elaborate. Photofunia is”……”

O is for Over, graphic design and OverDrive an elending app available at many libraries

Over — Creative Typography, Graphic Design & Photo Editing

Notes on the News - N is for Notegraphy and making the best use of news apps

Notegraphy and news apps for mobile devices

Map a museum - M is for Museum apps and some little used features of maps

Museum Of Applied Arts And Sciences – Museum Of Applied Arts And Sciences