This is a "Queenslander" - a traditional Queensland home, elevated to catch the breezes. I would love one of these, but not the maintenance required!

Classic Queenslander house by Paul Dudley

Queenslander house

The Demise of the Queenslander - an Ideal House for Floodplains

Early Coorparoo residence, St Leonards by State Library of Queensland, Australia, via Flickr

This is gable roll or barge roll. It is used as a decorative element (as well as for flashing) around the edge of the window hood. It finishes the window hoods nicely

Lovely old Queenslander

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Old queenslander in Woolongabba.

Old queenslander in Woolongabba.


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The old school house as it was in Brisbane Used as a music and dance building by St. Aiden's School in Corinda and named Charma Place, it was to be removed from its current location to pave the way for a new modern building.