Fiona Foley's Bibles and Bullets artwork at Redfern Park

A recent trip to Sydney had us in search of Indigenous created public art. We found Bibles and Bullets by Fiona Foley. Fiona is a Brisbane-based artist who h

Fiona Foley

HHH (Hedonistic Honky Haters) By Fiona Foley, 2004 “ “Foley’s photographic series entitled HHH (Hedonistic Honky Haters) subverts our (mis)conceptions about race and racial hatred. The HHH series, a.

Fiona Foley Redfern Park

Fiona Foley Redfern Park

Fiona FOLEY "Men's business" (1987)  Art Gallery of NSW

Men's business, by Fiona Foley :: The Collection