Hardy & drought tolerant

Edging texture and colors for the gravel path and work plants into the terrace. Use some of the Russian Sage on terrace and in these beds.

Fiddle Leaf Fig in weaved basket

Our Fiddle Leaf Fig Standards are the perfect houseplant and adapt to any condition. Buy a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree online from Garden Goods Direct.

Pater feature with stepping stone over water

Beautiful Landscape photography : Tuindesign: 20 Tips en tuinideeën voor een kleine tuin met foto's!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) is an increasingly popular house plant, but many people are intimidated by the particular nature of the tree. Never fear! We’re here to help keep your fiddle leaf fig green and thriving.

maybe a good book for me to read! though I imagine my garden to be more 'maintenance free'

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Monstera plant

Green plants are often expensive, but when I went to Plantasjen to buy some flowers today, I discovered that they are having off on all green plants.