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Cat Davies

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Cat Davies
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Bathroom Vanities You'll Love

Need farmhouse bathroom ideas. Bathrooms can be some of the most expensive rooms to remodel. Whether or not you live in the country, you can enjoy a simpler way of life by decorating your home in farmhouse style. These farmhouse… Continue Reading →

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“A man who masters patience is the master of everything else. To make it to the top of your game, it takes patience.” - uknowbigsean In Seans latest installment in his personal video series, he talks about patience. “Patience is key for happiness.

"Intoxicate yourself; with wine, or poetry, or art ..." -Charles Baudelaire

Poem Title: Intoxicate Yourself! Book Title: Little Poems in Prose Author: Charles Baudelaire, trans. by Aleister Crowley Year: 1928 Drawings: Jean de Boscherre Press: Black Manikin (by Edward W. Titus) City: Paris For original french, see here