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French bulldog pillow french bulldog cushion Dog pillow dog

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Fifi French Bulldog | A Little Colour For The Kids!Colour Teal! $30.00 Fifi the French Bulldog Bonjour my name is Fifi, I have been searching for my soulmate and it seems my search may be over. I have been watching you for a while now and I think you may be just what I have been looking for. I have exceptional taste, which is why I was immediately drawn to you! I am petite and quite cute, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not ready for snuggles any time of the day. I dream of being a ballerina…

Border collie cushion border collie pillow dog pillow

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Buddy Border Collie | A Little colour for The Kids! Colour Teal! $30.00 Buddy the Border Collie First and foremost, I am a Border Collie. I wanted to get that out of the way so you will understand my need to herd just about everything. I am not too large and I would do well in a small environment or a large one. I promise you’ve never had a more loyal friend and if you give me some time, I will make sure you are never alone and always loved. Handmade with love, I’m a big boy at 40 cm’s…

Golden retriever pillow Golden retriever cushion Golden

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Charlie Golden Retriever | A Little Colour For The Kids $30.00 Charlie the Golden Retriever “Charlie stop”, “Charlie wait”, “No Charlie”, if I hear my name one more time I think I will explode. I am ready for my forever home, I know my name and I come when called…but I am very tired of stopping, waiting, and being told no. I love to play, jump, run, fetch, and swim; I am the ultimate outdoor companion. I am happy outside, I enjoy the freedom and I want a companion human who will take long…

Shih tzu pillow Shih Tzu college dormitory pets accent

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Missy Shih Tzu | A Little Colour For the Kids! $30.00 Missy the Purple Shih Tzu Everyone calls me Missy; I am a Shih Tzu. My breed is ancient, it is so old and shrouded in mystery that no one can say for sure if my breed is from Tibet or China. Where I came from is not as important as who I am, I am the ultimate lap dog, live to make you happy. You can dress me up and put bows in my hair or just spend a nice relaxing evening brushing my long silky coat. I have a great sense of humor and I…

Pig pillow pig cushion pig pink cushion pink pillow

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Penny Pig | A Little Colour For The Kids! $30.00 Penny the Pig I’ve been told I’m very cute, even when I roll around in the mud. I am very social, I was born on a farm and have learned to understand all the languages of the barn yard. I am pretty smart and I love to play games, find the treat is one of my absolute favorites. Many people think pigs are dirty little buggers but trust me, we are very clean and particular about keeping ourselves spotless…except when there is an awesome mud…

Pug pillow pug cushion pets dog lover kids decor home

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Pickle Pug | A Little Colour For The Kids! $30.00 Pickle the Pug My name is Pickle, it is a very good name, I love to eat pickles. I am a Pug; I will eat just about anything! My ancestry is as old as dirt! My breed was created to care for and protect the Emperor of China and the women of his court. I am at home playing house, I love to be babied and cuddled, I will even allow you to dress me up. All I want to do is make you happy and of course keep you safe. I will listen to all of your…

Persian Cat pillow Persian cushion Persian cat cat lover

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Princess Persian | Color Series $30.00 Princess the Persian I am Princess the pussycat, I adore humans who know how to treat royalty properly. All I need is a soft bed, some excellent food, several toys, a patch of catnip, a scratching post, and all of your love. I am not very interested in catching vermin if that is what you are looking for in a pussycat. I prefer to lie around and wait for my human to give me some scratches behind the ears. If you can accommodate all of these requests and…

Turtle Pillow Turtle Cushion Turtle Jungle Nursery Boys

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Squirt Turtle $30.00 Squirt the Turtle I might be called Squirt but I’m not too small and never all wet. There is nothing small about the comfort I can provide. Ever have a day when you just want to crawl into a shell? Well this little squirt is here for cuddles and one thing is for sure, you’ll soon feel the blues of your day just melt away. I will hug them away, snug them away, and help you dream them away. I am slow and quiet, stead and sure, and I will always be there if you need to curl…

English bulldog cushion London UK United Kingdom blue

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Winston English Bulldog | A Little Colour For The Kids $30.00 Winston the English Bulldog Winston is my name; I am an English Bulldog. I have been searching for a family. I do not want to settle for just any family, my family will be easy going and fond of food. I love to just sit around and enjoy the day from the sofa. I want to sleep in the bed and eat with the family. Regardless of what others have said, I am not sloppy and I don’t drool! I am strong and muscular; it takes a lot of food…

Rabbit pillow rabbit cushion rabbit cute pillow

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Cotton Tail Rabbit | A Little Colour For The Kids | Colour Magenta $30.00 Cotton Tail the Rabbit I’m always happy and on the hop! My energetic spirit will always help you put a spring in your step. I love flouncing through the meadows and enjoying the warm spring breeze blow through my ears. I love fields of lavender and nibbling on dandelions while relaxing in the sun. I think you should take me home so we can romp around your garden and taste test your carrot crop…I will make sure you…

Chimpanzee pillow Chimpanzee cushion Chimpanzee purple

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Chuck Chimpanzee | A Little Colour For The Kids! $30.00 Chuck the Chimpanzee I am Chuck, I noticed you browsing around and I must say you are very interesting. I need a place to call my own and a family who understands what a Chimp needs. I can hug, protect, play, and snuggle. I am pretty good at hugging; my long arms will pull you close for snuggles. I am great with children, they love me and my crazy games. I do like bananas and a king size bed would be perfect for my large frame but I…

Alligator Alligator Cushion Aligator Pillow Crocodile

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Rex Alligator $30.00 Rex the Alligator Let Rex remind you what it is like to relax. After all you can’t spell Relax without R-E-X. So let’s roll on over to your bed, close our eyes and cuddle till you pass out. This gator will have you dreaming of snake infested swamp water in no time. You won’t open your eyes until morning once you realize just how peaceful the swamp can be. Gators like me can sit completely still for hours on end, wallowing in the stinky water, relaxing and enjoying the…

Cavapoo pillow cavapoo cushion cavoodle cushion cavapoo

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Teddy Spoodle $30.00 Teddy the Spoodle Humans tell me I look like a teddy bear and children love to squeeze and hug me tight! I’m cuddly, easy to train, and I love sticks and sharing my treats. I am really good at cuddling and I won’t leave any hair on your clothes or couch. I can learn just about any trick you can come up with and if you want me to, I can even come up with a few of my own tricks. I like long walks and good game of chase but my favorite thing to do is be with my human…

Dalmatian pillow Dalmatian cushion dog lover home decor

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Lulu Dalmatian | A Little Colour For The Kids! $30.00 Lulu the Dalmatian I have more than 101 spots. I look pretty amazing and I need a human who understands how to care for these beautiful spots. My coat is white so I need regular baths to keep the white clean and my spots sparkling. Some people like to call me a fire dog, my ancestors loved to follow fire trucks and eventually ended up riding on them to fires all around the big cities. I don’t enjoy riding to fires on a fire truck but I do…

Dachshund pillow dachshund cushion longhaired dachshund

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Dash Longhair Dachshund | A Little Colour For The Kids $30.00 Dash the longhair Dachshund I’m Dash, I am actually a Dachshund but I don’t mind the title sausage dog. As a matter of fact, I am quite fond of sausages. I’m half a dog high, and one and a half dogs long. I may be small but I have determination and a tenacious personality; it takes some tenacity to catch badgers the way my breed has been bred to do. I have a big heart and cute little legs. Could you be my new wiener mum? Please…

King charles spaniel pillow King charles spaniel cushion

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Ginger King Charles Spaniel | A Little Colour For The Kids $30.00 Ginger the King Charles Spaniel My name is Ginger, I am a King Charles Spaniel. I will forever look like a puppy with my big brown eyes and long silky ears. Petting my long smooth silky coat will chase away the blues and my kisses will let you know just how much I love you. I’m looking for my very own human and I noticed you are looking for the perfect companion; I think we were made for each other. If you decide to take me…