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We're an Animal Kingdom of cute cuddly Cushions! We love spending time lounging on the sofa! & we love cuddles from humans!

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Chinese Shar Pei Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: Chinese Shar Pei, Shar Pei Pillow, Shar Pei Cushion, Dog Lover Gift, Dog Pillows, Dog Print, Animal Home Decor, Children's Decor, Boys Room,  Dogs funny, Dog treats

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Rollie Shar Pei $30.00 Rollie the Shar Pei My name is Rollie, I am a Chinese Shar-Pei. My coat was full of wrinkles as a puppy but I have grown into most of them. My breed is ancient, one of the very first breeds of dog. At one time my kind was a rare sight but not anymore. My tongue is blue-black; it is a sign of my pure bred ancestry. My wrinkles are soft and my personality is even softer when I am with my family. I will protect and entertain with mushy hugs and wet kisses. Sometimes I…

Afghan Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING- Afghan dog, pet pillow, pet cushion, dog decor, animal decor, animal gift, stuffed dog, dog lover gift, stuffed animal, dog pillow diy, dog & animal lover!!!

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Abby Afghan $30.00 Abby the Afghan I am pleased to meet you, my name is Abby and I have come a long way to get to know you. My ancestral home in the cool mountains of Afghanistan has given me this beautiful long coat. I enjoy daydreaming about chasing rabbit through open fields, I love to run. My silky fur moves with my stride and my graceful gait is a sight to behold. I am large and my coat shimmers with the shades of the earth, from dark brown to light sand. My kind has been a companion to…

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-German Shorthaired Pointer, Dog Breed Cushion, Dog Breed Pillow, Dog Throw Pillow, GSP, Cabin Decor, Lake House Decor, Gift for Dad, Dogs, German dogs breeds, Dog friendly, Dog Loves!!

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Gretchen German Short Haired Pointer $28.00 Gretchen the German Short Haired Pointer I'd like to point out this Short Haired Pointer is extra-long on comfort. My breed was bred to be energetic and an excellent hunting companion but I have a domestic side too. I am a great family pet, I am protective, clever, and eager to please. I have been practicing a few tricks so I can entertain my new companion. I can roll over but only if a treat is used, I can sit up and beg…for food, and I can even…

Bull Terrier Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING- Bull Terrier, Terrier Dog, Bull Terrier Mum, Terrier Lover, Dog Lover Gift, Pink Cushion, Pink Pillow, Gift for Brother, Pillow Decor, Dogs, Cute Terrier, Terrier puppy, Terriers great and small.

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Spud Bull Terrier $30.00 Spud the Bull Terrier Spud here! And Im a little terrier! A Bull Terrier! I may look fierce muscular and mean! But I really just crave affection, love company and promise to be the best guard dog to you you’ve ever seen. Handmade with love, I stand tall at 40 cms. My outer

Poodle Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-Poodle pillow, poodle cushion, dog cushion, dog pillow, poodle, toy poodle, poodle gifts, teenager, house warming gift, dog lover, dog, pets, poodle dog grooming.

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Cleo Poodle $30.00 Cleo the Poodle I am sure you have met a few Poodles over the years but I am positive you have never met one like me, Cleo, as in Cleopatra Queen of the Nile. My breed is known for its striking good looks, beautiful curly hair, and amazing intelligence. I have all of those qualities and I am absolutely gorgeous to boot. Poodles are known for their extreme loyalty and I’m no different, I will always be there by your side through the thick and through the thin. I do require…

Chihuahua Dog Pillows -Chihuahua dog, dog cushion, dog pillow, pillows, cushions, girls bedroom decor, girls, nursery gift, baby shower gift, baby girl gift, dog

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Cupcake Pink Chihuahua $30.00 Cupcake the Pink Chihuahua. My name is Cupcake because I am sweet and cute. I am pink and that is very rare in the dog world. My pink coat is eye catching and very handy when party time rolls around. I love a good party, and I really know how to kick things up a notch. “Bring out the cupcakes and bring on the sugar rush!” I am a great dancer and I can teach you a few moves or we can sit back and listen to my favorite songs. Even though I like to live on the wild…

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie, puppy, dog pillow, cushion, pillow, animal gift, fun pillow, stuffed dog, pets, children's decor, birthday, gift

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Dixie Yorkshire Terrier $30.00 Dixie the Yorkshire Terrier I maybe small but I have a lot of attitude, I am after all a terrier! When I find my perfect human they will understand how to care for me. I want to go everywhere with my human so you should make sure you have one of those beautiful little “puppy tote” bags for me to cuddle up in. I adore bows for my hair and nail polish on my tiny little toe nails. My favorite past time would be to sit upon your lap or snuggle on your knees, once…

Pug Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-Pug Cushion, Pug Pillow, Pug Lover Gift, Black And White Pillow, Home Decor, Boys Room Decor, For Kids Rooms, Nursery Dog, Pug, Pug Decor

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St Bernard Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-St Bernard, dog cushion, dog pillow, stuffed animal, dog portrait, puppy, bed pillows, dog, dog lover, gifts under 30, novelty pillow, gift

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Duke Saint Bernard $28.00 Duke the Saint Bernard Being a Duke doesn’t mean I need the royal treatment. My breed was bred to climb the cold unforgiving alpine passes and look for humans in danger. Back in the day, every one of us carried a small keg of whiskey to warm up any cold humans we found while out keeping the passes safe. Today my breed no longer carries a keg but I know how to use my great big snuggles to keep you warm on cold nights. I am strong, loyal, and I would love to be part…

Brittany Spaniel Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-Brittany Spaniel, cushion, pillow, dog pillow, english, throw pillow, cute pillow, pet memorial, pet gift, farmhouse decor, England, dog

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Bess Brittany Spaniel $28.00 Bess the Brittany Spaniel You can span the globe and you still won’t find a better comforter than me. My name is Bess and I adore attention, be it giving or receiving hugs, squeezes or cuddles you’ll discover that Bess is the best. I have been bred to hunt birds, pointing or setting is how we Brittany’s do our job. My breed first took shape in the province of Brittany in France during the 17th century. Our really sweet disposition has ensured our place in the…

Staffordshire Terrier Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING-Staffordshire Terrier Pillow, Staffordshire terrier cushion, Staffordshire terrier, Staffy, dog lover, tan pillow, tan cushion, living room

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Max Staffordshire Terrier $30.00 Max the Staffy My name is Max; I am a Staffordshire Terrier. I have been searching for a human who loves squeaky toys as much as I do. The sound of those little air filled toys drives me absolutely wild. When I hear that squeak I just want to tear into that little rubber whatchamacallit and chew until that squeaky sound disappears. I think you should take me home and the two of us can go to the pet store and stock up on some wonderful squeaky toys. Then we…

Black Labrador Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Labrador Pillow Lab Gifts Labrador Gifts Retriever | Etsy

Toby Labrador $30.00 Toby the Labrador You can call me Toby, I am a Labrador Retriever and I am really great at playing fetch. I am a fast learner and I will retrieve just about anything if my human has the patience and time to teach me. I am really good at getting the party started, life with me will never be boring, I don’t even know what the word means. There is so much to explore, so much to keep us busy and I think you and I are a great match. When we get home you won’t have to find a…

Jack Russel Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Jack Russell Shaped Pillow Shaped Cushion Dog Jack Russell | Etsy

Skipper Jack Russell $30.00 Skipper the Jack Russell Terrier I’m Skipper the Jack Russell Terrier and I am awesome at entertaining, humans love to watch me leap for Frisbee’s and catch fly balls. I love cookies, walks, scratches on the neck and hanging out with my human. My name may sound tough but trust me, I am a lover not a fighter. I firmly believe that wet nose kisses are the best and I will share them with you every day. I am quick and bright, if you have the time I can learn just…

Bull Mastiff Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Bull Mastiff Bullmastiff Mastiff Gifts Gifts Under 30 | Etsy

Samson Bull Mastiff $30.00 Samson the Bull mastiff Hello, Samson at your service. I am a Bullmastiff, I have been bred to guard the estates of gamekeepers and nobles alike. My breed was chosen for this task because we are extremely loyal, protective, intelligent, and most of all silent. Other mastiff breeds have been used in the past but it is the Bullmastiff who always protects with intelligence not just brawn. I do not bite first and ask questions later! I am a gentleman and a protector…I…

Dingo Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

Dingo Australia Australian Animals Gift For Dad Pillow | Etsy

Digger Dingo $30.00 Digger the Dingo Hello, I am Digger. I want to be honest up front so we can base our friendship on trust. I am a Dingo. My kind have gotten a bad rap, we are actually quite intelligent and sometimes we are even in the mood for a belly scratch. I think it would be better for everyone involved if you just brought me home for belly scratches. This way you do not have to find out the hard way which one of my brothers and sisters are in the mood. Handmade with love, I am a…

German Shepherd Dog Pillows - By Cushion Co WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

German Shepherd German Shepherd Pillow German Shepherds | Etsy

Shadow German Shepherd $30.00 Shadow the German Shepherd I am Shadow and I have been tailing you for some time now. My senses are sharp and I noticed you the moment you started browsing around. I have been looking for a human to call my own. I am pretty good at reading people and the moment I saw you I knew you were the one. So as far as I am concerned we can skip all the formalities and head home for some doggie kibble and a few belly rubs. If you are still not sold, let me tell you a bit…