Watercolor Stationery and Original Art Prints by Courtney Khail via Oh So Beautiful Paper: http://ohsobeautifulpaper.com/2014/06/quick-pick-courtney-khail-watercolor-stationery/ | Artwork + Photo: Courtney Khail

Quick Pick: Courtney Khail Watercolor Stationery

Baja de peso de forma deliciosa http://www.melodijolola.com/moda-y-belleza/agua-para-bajar-de-peso-y-desintoxicar-el-cuerpo

Dehydrated Citrus Wheels

Blood Orange in a Citrus Rainbow ~ Mary Wald's Place - Dehydrating is a great way to preserve citrus to have and use throughout the whole year! You can even decorate cakes with our Dehydrated Citrus Wheels.

Blood Orange Margaritas | edibleperspective.com

Blood Orange Margaritas

This picture stood out to me in a sea of other photos because of the beautiful color of the blood oranges. The deep purple from the blood oranges and the green from the limes blends together beautifully and creates a stunning photograph.

Citrus and Pomegranate Salad

Citrus and Pomegranate Salad

A tart and juicy four-ingredient fruit salad to cure your winter blues. Bright citrus and the pop of pomegranate seeds make for a fun and colorful snack.

dusty pastels and juicy brights palette (photo by Johnny Miller)

dusty pastels and juicy brights palette (photo by Johnny Miller) flower idea for Cameron. Love these colors

fruit pizza

Fruit Pizza

fruit pizza - I made this for my children and my little girl ate nearly the full circle of watermelon plus the fruit on top!

Linocut pink grapefruit slices - original print ACEO by Summer Triangle Studio @Etsy

Linocut pink grapefruit slices - original print ACEO Big, juicy pink slices of grapefruit with little orange slices. An original linocut.

Color you can eat

a starving man would gladly eat a radish.In fact,the radish would be a feast, if that's all he had.But if he had a buffet in front of him,the radish would never be chosen." -Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck