I like the boulders and grass. I could deal without the high maintenance perfectly round shrubs though. Too much work.

green and white

I love misty green gardens,


Dichondra silver falls ground cover with Agave 'El Miradores Gold' and Senecio serpens (chalksticks)


Climbing vegetables such as squash, runner beans, cucumbers, and grapes can be grown up and over a backyard pergola. Faye Toogood Pergola in London Garden T Magazine


Chris Cobbett and Jonathan Cebon

The Melbourne Garden of Chris Cobbett, Jonathan Cebon and family


Hampton House II by Kennedy Nolan Architects - painted brick, exposed timber rafters, travertine floor, seamless inside outside transition

141022 Miller Street 0202.jpg

Timber decks can provide a practical outdoor space no matter the state of the yard. Get all the timber deck inspiration you need.