50 Things to Grill in Foil from FoodNetwork.com

Berry Bread Pudding: Whisk 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, cup sugar and teaspoon cinnamon in a bowl. Add 4 cups bread cubes and 1 cup berries;

Pine Cone fire starters. Must make.

How To: Make Your Own Scented Pine Cone Fire Starters! Bought the scented pine cones from Michael's the day after Christmas for super cheap. For anyone who has a natural fp, these are a MUST!


That's how you feed a bunch of hungry people fast! This just made me laugh as I am searching for food ideas for camp.

Nothing like giving yourself a heart attack with one meal!

"Camping Breakfast : Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. best idea ever" Um, this looks like an egg filled burger but ok. I'm still going with burger though.

Video at the link shows how to make a camping stove from cinder blocks. Awesome

Cement block stove, tinder cooking - video shows how to make an easy cinder block stove

Death Star Fire Pit Pic by George Takai

STAR WARS - Death Star Fire Pit - Starwars deathstar firepit BBQ home house homedecor home decor

barbecue recipe http://bbqtoprecipe.blogspot.com/

Stuffed peppers on the barbie

Mary Cadogan& clever bbq recipe will impress all of your friends and family and have them coming back for

barbecue recipe http://bbqtoprecipe.blogspot.com/

This is a great red curry grilled chicken recipe that is easy, quick and just delicious. The same recipe could be cooked in the oven or under the broiler.

Now that's a useful but pretty garden feature :-)

On-the-go BBQ pit. A salvage yard is a treasure trove for grilling ideas at the outdoor man cave.

10 Chicken Dishes

Always looking for new recipes with chicken breast. Seems to be the meat that perpetually appears in my freezer.

Bacon Cheese Hotdogs  “everything is better with bacon”, and in this case, the cheese is the icing (or the filling) on the cake!  1 Pack hot dogs  12 oz Uncooked bacon  American cheese  Toothpicks  Split the hot dogs without going through.    Cut strips of cheese and tuck into the slits.    Wrap the hot dog with a slice of bacon and fasten with toothpicks.    Roast over fire until bacon is crisp and cooked through.

Bacon Cheese Hotdogs, My mom made these for us when we were children. She did them in the oven.

peanut shrimp skewers

Peanut Shrimp Skewers are perfect served over rice for a quick meal.


Mexican Corn :: Easy to Make Delicious to Eat! Cover corn with paper towel and microwave 3 mins. Melt butter and lime juice together and pour over corn. Sprinkle lightly with chili powder - yum!

Vegetable Grill Clips

This set of four Sur La Table Grill Clips is sure to make your grilling easier. The easy to use clips are great for grilling the perfect asparagus, zucchini,