Teddy Bear and Friends adventures

Teddy Bears are toys. However toys like Teddy Bears make great learning tools.
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tucked in/ aww...

Penny the mini dachshund, all tucked in. Penny the mini dachshund, all tucked in. She makes it very hard to leave for work every morni.

Teddy bear love

(fiction) Amelia Grace Camden age 3 w/ teddy bear Aubrie finds in attic at Grace Bed Breakfast in Stillwater Springs


Dog and teddy bear Look at those eyes, is that not the sweetest thing?

teddy bear tea society...

We are big hot tea drinkers and the kids love having their teddy bears join them for tea parties around the Christmas tree - Big Teddy Bear Tea Party !


I'm really Edward George St. Son & heir of the Baron Bear. But you may call me Teddy Bear. To please me, squeeze, I don't care. Yours with a big hug, Teddy Bear

Animal Cakes

Beautiful cakes-Najlepše torte: Very interesting cake 22 - Vrlo zanimljive torte 22