Strawflowers - they keep their gorgeous color when dried too!

Planted Straw Flowers Helichrysum Everlastings, also called strawflowers, are unique multi-colored annual flowers.

Scarlet Banksia (banksia coccinea), Western Australia

GOD IS SIMPLY AMAZING! Banksia coccinea, Western Australia The Scarlet Banksia can still be found in a few nature reserves and national parks in the SW of Australia. It flowers in spring. It is to a minor extent grown for cut flowers, too.

Rainbow Gum tree bark. Australia.

Snow Gum Tree Bark - natural tree which creates iridescent colours when under-layers are exposed.

Bright lime green 'candle' flowers of Banksia attenuata #Australian #native

Banksia attenuata [Family: Proteaceae] in Wireless Hill Reserve, Booragoon, Western Australia, with an inflorescence or flower-spike at a younger stage of development.

Bottlebrush by There and back again**

Bottlebrush: bush type comes back every year.Love the look of the blooms! i have had mine for two years in Louisiana.