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Vivienne Westwood Gold Label Mummy Jacket UNISEX - why is it that I particularly like that this is Unisex? tiny giggle
The ultimate in steampunk fashion has to be the corset and we are proud to bring you this wonderful example of tailoring; the brown steampunk corset with buckle and chain accessories.   The corset itself has a particularly intricate brocade design but the fun doesn’t end there. It comes with a chunky belt which fastens in the middle of the corset and is complemented by further buckles on the side and a fantastic chain accessory at the waist. The 12 double layered steel boning structure will ...


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a woman in medieval dress with many details on her head and shoulders, standing next to a
Princess Eahild of the Antlers
an image of women's clothing and accessories from the early 1900's to 1970's
Prom, Princess, Character, Fantasy Dresses, Elvish Dress, Fae Dress
Elven fairy dress design 49
Dress Drawing, Mode Wanita, Dress Design Drawing, Anime Dress, Dress Design Sketches, Ilustrasi, Art Dress
Elven fairy dress design 53
some sketches from the book's character sheet for princess aurora and prince aurora, which is
Inavesu Clothing - The girls by SerenaVerdeArt on DeviantArt
a mannequin made out of wood with plants and mushrooms on it's back
Embroidered moss costume
Oc, Fantasy Dress Design
Belle Atelier
Belle Atelier
an image of a woman in costume with various items on her chest and hands behind her back
~A Pequena Floricultura Da S/n~ [Camilo Madrigal X S/n]