Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet at Peninsula Wild Flower featuring Native Flowers, King Protea, Menzii Banksia, Gum Australian Natives

Australian Natives for all the bouquets incorporating king proteas, white for me the bride and colours for our bridesmaids The special colour of purple will be encompassed for two of our three daughters who have epilepsy

A yellow bundle of cacia, seeded eucalyptus, pincushion protea, dahlias, ranunculus, daffodils, anemones, sweetpeas, jasmine, star of Bethlehem, leucadendron, kangaroo paws, pieris Japonica, and craspedia

Real Wedding: Justina and Jason, Los Angeles, California

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Flowers From The Hills – Natives

Though they are small ‘bouquets’, boutonnieres can add a huge splash of persona, color, and texture to the wedding party’s lapels.

Australian Native Flowers

Flowers From The Hills – Natives

Australian Native Flowers could be cool?

Australian Native Bouquets by Blooming Brides

Rita of Blooming Brides sent over some her latest Australian native flower bouquets, I wanted to share them with you!

Red and Gold Summer Natives for a December Wedding

Photography by Rosie Hastie An intimate wedding in December at Stewarts Bay Lodge on the Tasman Peninsula called for red and gold, an.

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"I just love things that are colourful" said the bride. Music to my ears! Early summer gave me plenty of colour to play with for th.