Things to do with Dad

No matter what the age of your children, there's so many activities that you can do with your kids, we have pinned a few here to give you some ideas. Enjoy :)
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Australian Rail Trails Locations

Travel between the historic gold mining towns of Ballarat and Skipton, through open paddocks, eucalyptus forests and native grasslands.

How to entertain the kids (cheaply) during the winter school holidays

School holidays often provide an excellent opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children… nevertheless everyone can also go a little stir-crazy!

Your lawn wasn’t just made to look good; it was made to be used, enjoyed, and played on.

In May a Dad desperate to spend more time with his children asked me to research the injustices within the Australian Family Court and The Child Support Agency.

Move over Ricciardo Dads are in the F1 Simulator — Dads Online

Move over Ricciardo Dads are in the Simulator — Dads Online

I’ve never met a child who doesn’t wish they could fly

A quick look at your first flight experience end to end. Also check out some of the progression steps to becoming an expert flyer and making this your sport.

Go for a bike ride but first a couple of DIY tasks to keep you safe.

Go for a bike ride but first a couple of DIY tasks to keep you safe.

Wheel of treats – travel game

An interesting travel game that the kids love when going for a drive is “wheel of treats”.

1000 steps in the Dandenongs, East of Melbourne. A good workout.

A great walk to do with the kids if you are in Melbourne or planning to visit Melbourne.

Rail Trails

Rail trails are shared-use paths recycled from abandoned railway corridors. Usually managed by local councils for the enjoyment of the general public, rail trails can be used for a range of purposes including walking, cycling and horse riding.

Visit Phillip Island Penguins

Little Penguin conservation in Phillip Island, Victoria. How one community brought these cute penguins back from extinction

Things to do in Melbourne with the kids

Are you thinking about what to do with the kids this weekend or over school holidays? There are some great Melbounre suggestions below.

Try making Bunnings Craft Kits, lots of fun and easy!

Did you know that Bunnings have a whole range of kids craft kits for both girls and boys. There is everything from race cars to pots and saucers.

Making the most of school holidays on the west coast of Victoria.

Making the most of school holidays on the west coast of Victoria.

Try STRIKE Bowling at anytime, some of the venues have Lazer skirmish too.

Whether its school holidays or your just looking for something to do with the kids, don't look past Strike Bowling. Recently I visited Strike with my daughter and a couple of her friends.