Clawfoot tub in bathroom in London Victorian home. Would be gorgeous in Newburgh

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Clawfoot tub in bathroom in London Victorian home.- I love a claw foot tub my Grand had one in her house and with Mr. Bubble added I was in bath heaven!

Victorian Homes Interior | Victorian House Interior Designs | - Home Art ...

If you love Victorian house interior design, this article is right for you. Victorian house interior design is one of the most attractive and popular interior design styles.

This chair would be considered a Victorian Chair because of its rosewood and matching upholstery, and its well carved designs.

"John Henry Belter - Victorian Chair" - John Henry Belter is one of few whose name has become a synonym for all similar furniture designs.

The McDonald Mansion's Gentlemen's Parlor. The large-scale Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper adapts an 1880s pattern by William Morris that was first commissioned for St. James' Palace in London. #bradburywallpaper

The Gentlemen's Parlor of the McDonald Mansion, Oakland CA, built I adore the wallpaper, and the molding and design of the ceiling are fabulous.

Victorian Staircase, Galveston, Texas  Bishops palace! My favorite place!

Grand Staircase of Gresham House in Galveston aka The Bishop’s Palace Built: Architect: Nicholas Clayton. Photo by Galveston Historical Foundation. National Landmark in the National.

Victorian Iron Fish Bowl Stand and Fish Bowl Perfet Patina

Victorian Iron Fish Bowl Stand and Fish Bowl. Put some live aquatic plants and now we're talking.

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