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"Tell me that I can't do it. Tell me that I shouldn't even try. Tell me it's impossible. Tell me the risk is too high, the challenge too much or the feat too to
Damien Game
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1, 2, 3 Counting Maze for Preschoolers via @handsonaswegrow

A counting maze doesn& need to be done with paper and pencil. Make it big and have the kids walk through a counting maze to learn their numbers!

The Crumpled Paper Lesson

Bullying and the Crumpled Paper Lesson- Once again, this is an awesome visual representation of how mean word can change how others feel forever. AND this one is a cheap exercise!

Color by Letter Fall Apple Activity - Make learning fun!

Color by Letter Fall Apple Activity Help make learning fun with the free Color by Letter Fall Apple Activity. Students color the apple based on the letter within the apple.