Harbinger : Apocalyptic Explosion in Tianjin China while Global Markets ...

World War 3 : Apocalyptic Explosion in Tianjin China / Global Markets in Crisis (Aug

Sodium and water (Pond)

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Sodium cyanide "possibly stored" in Tianjin blasted warehouse

Specialists investigating Wednesday's explosion in Tianjin believe sodium cyanide might have been stored at the site.

China blast residents evacuated over chemical fears

Residents around the site of giant chemical explosions in the Chinese port of Tianjin are evacuated over fears of highly-poisonous sodium cyanide, state medi.

Sodium Cyanide, Mining Chemicals - Orica

Orica, one of the largest global producers of sodium cyanide, manufactures and delivers cyanide for gold extraction in the mining industry.

Sodium cyanide leak feared after China explosion

There are fears that toxic chemicals are now leaking into the area of Wednesday's huge explosions in China.

Police confirmed the presence of the chemical, which is fatal when ingested or inhaled, was 'roughly east of the blast site' in an industrial zone in the port city of Tianjin.

Deadly Tianjin explosion seen from space

Fatal: Chinese authorities confirmed that deadly sodium cyanide was present at the blast site. Pictured: soldiers of the National Nuclear Biochemical Emergency rescue team take debris samples near the core area of the explosion site in Tianjin