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a world map with red and blue lines showing the locations of men in each country
Real Country Sizes Shown on Mercator Projection (Updated) - Engaging Data
Real Country Sizes Shown on Mercator Projection (Updated)
the world map shows countries that are in different colors and sizes, with each country's flag on it
Maps on the Web
Maps on the Web — Maritime Europe’s Linguistic Sphere of Influence.
the legal status of homosexuality and homosexuality - related people in the world, by nationality
“Countries Where It Has Never Snowed”: 50 Fascinating New Maps That Might Teach You Something New About Our World
a map of europe with all the major cities and their respective names in bright colors
The provinces of the Holy Roman Empire in 2021 AD
the world's most famous cities and their locations infographed in different colors
Europe explained for non-Europeans
an image of the world with different flags
The Week in Pictures: Kamala Edition