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Salvador Dali

It's Dalí. It's Skulls. It's too much awesome in one photo! "Women forming a skull entitled In Voluptas Mors, photograph by Philippe Halsman (in collaboration with Salvador Dalí), - Wikipedia .What fun!

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When it comes to budget travel, you can kiss luxury and comfort good-bye. There have been times that I have slept in places that I never dreamed I would,.

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Can you beat my high score of Let me know! The Traveler IQ Challenge ranks your geographic knowledge. What’s your TIQ?

The SS President Coolidge hit underwater mines and sank off the coast of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean. All but two passengers survived the ordeal. Guns, cannons, Jeeps, chandeliers and a mosaic tile fountain can be found among the wreckage.

Diving Shipwrecks - Gun on the sunken U. President Coolidge near Vanuatu's Espiritu Santo Island. Built in 1931 as a luxury cruise liner, the Coolidge was converted to military use during World War II