Fun Science for Kids

Don't you just think that science is totally awesome! Here's a few kid-friendly ideas I'm collecting to share with my two girls.
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a hand holding a white balloon in front of a starr filled sky with the words ghost balloon science
Halloween Science Experiment: Ghost Balloons!
Turn a science experiment classic into the ultimate Halloween science for kids experience with these ghost balloons! #Halloween Science for Kids #kidsactivities #scienceforkids #STEMed
an advertisement for sun upcycled crayos on the ground with text overlay
Sun-Upcycled Crayons: Summer Science for Kids
This is brilliantly fun science for a hot day! Turn old crayons into new ones in a DIY solar oven.
science experiment pop rocks and soda on an icebox in the grass with text overlay
Pop Rocks and Soda Science Experiment
Help kids discover what happens when you mix soda and pop rocks and learn about the science behind it! It's a great STEM lesson for little learners! Soda and Pop Rocks | Pop Rocks Science | Pop Rocks Science Experiment | Pop Rocks Experiment | Soda Experiment | Soda Science Experiment | Life Over C's #sodaandpoprocks #poprocks #scienceexperiment #poprocksscience #sodascience #stem #stemexperiment #lifeovercs
Cool songs about science playlist curated by Go Science Kids #sciencesongs
25+ Science Songs that will rock your playlist – Go Science Kids
25+ Science Songs that will rock your playlist – Go Science Kids
a plastic container sitting on top of a table
Simple Science: Making a Solar Still - Teach Beside Me
Summer Science- Making a Solar Still _ turns salt water into fresh water! #summer #science #solar #STEMeducation
a paper plate with a yellow ball on it and some sprinkles next to it
Kids Love this Spinning Solar System Craft!
This paper plate solar system craft for kids can be a fun and easy school project for teaching about the relationship between the planets and the sun. Kids love that this interactive craft spins! Plus there's even an asteroid belt! #steam #booksandgiggles #solarsystem #kidscrafts
the color changing volcano erupton is shown
Easy Outdoor Color Changing Volcano with Baking Soda and Vinegar - Preschool Inspirations
This color changing volcano eruption for kids takes an easy baking soda and vinegar volcano to the next level! You need only 3 minutes to prep and it's easy to wash away afterwards. A great science experiment for kids!
how to dissect flowers plant science for kids book cover with pictures of yellow flowers
Dissecting Daffodils To Explore Pollination
Dissecting flowers is a lovely plant science project for kids that lets them discover for themselves flower parts and name them and to understand the structure and process of pollination by uncovering the ovules at the base of the style. Suitable for children from kindergarten to high school. #plantscience #plantscienceproject #plantlifecycle #botanyforkids #kidsbotany #eyfs #STEM
two plates with glitter germs on them and the words glitter germ experiment
Glitter Germ Science Experiment
Show your kids how using soap works to get rid of germs in this glitter germ science experiment. You can also use it to show how thorough they need to be while washing their hands. Germs are everywhere, show your kids how important soap is to get rid of them with this hands-on germ activity.
the cover of skittles experiment shows colorful candy in front of a white plate
Explore beautiful science with the skittles rainbow experiment for kids! This project is easy to set-up and great for all ages. #skittlesrainbowexperiment #skittles #skittlessciencefairproject #skittlesscienceexperiment #skittlesrainbow #skittlesexperimentforkids #sciencefairprojects #scieneexperimentskids #growingajeweledrose
three different colored cups sitting next to each other on top of a white surface,
Make water walk with this easy and fun science experiment! Kids will be in awe as they make a water rainbow right before their eyes! #walkingwaterexperiment #walkingwater #rainbowwater #rainbowwaterexperiment #rainbowwalkingwater #walkingwaterexperimentforkids #waterexperimentsforkids #walkingwaterrainbow #scienceexperimentskids #scienceforkids #growingajeweledrose
a boy holding balloons in front of a tree with the words make a balloon rocket easy science experiment for kids
Balloon Rocket Race Science Experiment
Exciting a simple science experiment for kids. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this balloon straw rocket race science and gross motor activity! Try it outdoors or in a hallway. #easyscienceforkids
a blue water bottle with the words tornado in a jar on it next to a red and white marker
Wow the kids and make a tornado in a jar! This simple science activity is great for kids of all ages and contains the mess- gotta love that! #sciencefairprojects #scienceexperimentskids #scienceexperiments #tornadosciencefairproject #tornadoinabottle #tornado #tornadoinajar #tornadoexperiment #growingajeweledrose
an elephant toothpaste experiment for kids with instructions to make it in the kitchen
Elephant Toothpaste for Kids Simple Science Experiment | HOAWG
Exciting elephant toothpaste science experiment for kids that is sure to bring amazement! Perfect for your little scientist at home. Watch what will happen!
a glass jar filled with water and paper on top of a counter next to a pencil
Science for Kids: Flower Pigment Experiment
Do different color flowers have the same pigments? The answer is not always. We have 3 types of dark pink flowers at our house so we decided to experiment to see if all of them were made of the same pigments.